Treated Flame Retardant Solutions


Arvind Limited is the only licensed manufacturer of PROBAN® treated Flame Retardant fabrics and garments in India. Cotton and Cotton rich fabrics are treated with PERFORM chemicals and subsequently ammonia cured to make PROBAN® fabrics. This make the PROBAN® life time durable with the comfort of the cotton. Arvind's PROBAN® range includes Indigo Dyed Denim, Vat Dyed Solids, yarn dyed and knits. All fabrics are tested from international testing labs like BTTG (UK), STFI (Germany), Underwriters Laboratory (USA) for different satety standards like ISO 11612, ISO 11611, NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E. PROBAN fabrics produced by Arvind are also tested inhouse and by Rhodia's UKAS (ISO 17025) accredited lab in UK before use. Rhodia issues PROBAN® labels for insertion into garments, enabling identification of genuine PROBAN garments.


PYROVATEX® treated fabrics from Arvind offer very good protection against heat & flame. These fabrics are durable to multiple washes and certified as per ISO 11612, ISO 11611 from BTTG (UK) and STFI (Germany). PYROVATEX® treated fabrics also come in combination with anti-static grids, hi-visibility colors and OWR finishes. Chemical repellent finish option is also available in combination with FR for protection against select hazardous chemicals. Arvind's long history in manufacturing cotton textiles ensure supreme quality of the final products making them soft to touch with a rich feel.