Composites & Reinforcements
Arvind PD Composites Pvt. Ltd. is a JV between the Lalbhai group from Gujarat in India and the PD group in Germany. Arvind Limited is a $1.4billion company with diversified interests in textiles, garments, branded apparel, retail, engineering, dyes, chemicals and real estate. The Preiss Daimler group is a $900Mn company with interests in Refractories, Fibre glass and Services.

Arvind PD Composites has set up a world class facility to weave glass fiber fabrics in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The technology is from the PD group set to international standards.

The company has ISO 9001 and is GL certified. Other approvals and certifications in the process include ISO 14000, IRS, Lloyd's Insulation and RDSO.

The range of products includes:
  • Glass Fibre
  • Woven Rovings
  • Multiaxial Fabrics
  • Triaxial Fabrics
  • Biaxial Fabrics
  • Unidirectional Fabrics
  • Stich Mat
  • Combination Mat

Glass Woven Rovings are comprised of direct Rovings woven into a fabric. The input Rovings has excellent wet-out and laminate properties. A variety of constructions give bi-directional reinforcement and the strength of continuous filaments. Woven Rovings from Arvind PD Composites is ideal for hand lay–ups and infusion of boats, containers, automotive parts, sports equipment, corrosion resistant tanks, etc,. This is the only company in India to produce rolls upto 3.6M in width and 1000Kg by weight.

Multiaxial fabrics, sometimes known as Non-Crimp Fabrics produced using a technology wherein production allows fabric construction with up to five layers of fibres oriented in different directions and stitched together by an interlocking system to form a single reinforcement. These can be a combination of non-woven fabrics, chopped strand mats or other fabrics giving an unlimited combination of various individual fibres. This product range allows distribution of strength depending on the orientation of fibres. This product is also finding big applications in Wind power, automotive, aerospace, transportation, sports & leisure, construction, medical and marine industry.